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Sag Accessories Sdn Bhd is the dealer in Malaysia for Hüper Optik , Coolshied & Armor Coat, the world’s leading solar and security film, offering a complete line of automotive window tint and architectural window films for home and commercial applications. We are dedicated to providing quality tinting solutions for your automobiles, homes and offices.

Our strength lies in our people - a group of innovative and skilled professionals. Our people are unique, passionate with their own strengths and talents, but all share a sense of enthusiasm, commitment and pride toward our business. We provide authoritative technical expertise that capable to execute most difficult jobs to fulfill your requirements. They are dedicated to creating customer satisfaction.

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Core Values

  • Drive to serve with quality
  • Integrity in all decisions
  • Positive supportive communication
  • Empowered roles of specialty
  • Company growth, personal growth and security through profitability

Brand Promise X3

Hüper Optik®’s core business philosophy is deeply
rooted within our central Brand Promise:

Xcite – We excite the market with new technologies,
ideas and possibilities.

Xcel – We excel as the industry leader through multilocal
understanding and servicing of our customers by
drawing fresh thinking from our enterprising team.

Xceed – We exceed expectations by leveraging
nano-ceramic technology to become the window film
of choice and bringing more comfort to life.

Why Hüper Optik® Ceramic Series?

UV rays are main component in fading of interior
upholstery in interior upholstery in vehicles, buildings,
marine vessels and storefronts
* >99.99% rejection of UV ray (A+B):
- Slow down fading process
- Reduce chances of contracting sunburns, skin cancers
and otherskin related problem

Up to 98% IR rejections help to:
* Reduce energy or fuel consumption for effective air
* Achieve smaller electricity bills and petrol expenses
* Prolong lifespan of air-cond compressor
* Reduce replacement and maintenace costs

* Natural grey shades provide acool European aesthetic
* Add visual appeal and provide a uniform look to
windows without the clutter of drapes, curtains or
* Enhance external attractiveness by providing an
elegant, modern and contemporary feel to cars,
buildings, storefronts, restaurants, marine vessels

* Low reflectivity = lower mirror effects
* Protect eyes from piercing glare reflections and eyestrain
* Clearvision improves security (at night for residential
building application)
* Reduce hazardous situations to other road users

* Super durability
* Lower depreciation value due to longer than average
warranty periods
High Performance:
- No / reduced interference to GPS, radio and mobile
communication equipments
- No conventional films problems such as fading,
discolouration, oxidization, peeling, bubbling, cracking

* Assurance of long term high performance and protection
of film investment
* Protection from body injury, enhance safety