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The Smarter Choice : Nano-Ceramic Films

Hüper Optik® Nano-Ceramic films are 100% metal-free and 100% dye-free. The super durable nano-ceramic coating spells the end of fading dyes and demetallisation woes. Nano-ceramics possess spectrally selective properties which maximize total heat rejection, superior to even metallised films.

Stylish Aesthetic
Stylish Aesthetic

Hüper Optik®'s wide range of Nano-Ceramic neutral toned films offer a comfortable Visible Light Transmission (VLT) ranging from 20% to 70% without appearing shiny because of their low Visible Light Reflectance (VLR), meeting most vehicle and building regulatory requirements.

Warranty of Confidence
Warranty of Confidence

Hüper Optik® Nano-Ceramic films are stringently tested by independent testing laboratories for IR, UV and weatherability. The films also have a scratch-resistant hardcoat conforming to the ECE 43 abrasion test. As a mark of confidence, all Hüper Optik® Nano-Ceramic films come with a product warranty of up to 5 years.

Why Huper Optik?

  • Strong Protection From Harmful UV Rays
  • Energy And Cost Savings
  • Exquisite Classic European Looks
  • Low Mirror Effects
  • Value For Money Investment
  • Scratch Ressistant Hardcoat
Performance / Product
Ceramic 70
Visible Light Transmission (%) 59 71
Visible Light Reflectance (%) 8 10
UV Light Rejection (%) 99 99
Infrared Rejection (%) 83 91
Total Solar Energy Rejection (%) 54 47
Performance / Product
Ceramic 40
Ceramic 50
Visible Light Transmission (%) 42 52
Visible Light Reflectance (%) 9 12
UV Light Rejection (%) 99 99
Infrared Rejection (%) 80 69
Total Solar Energy Rejection (%) 55 50


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More Details
Performance / Product
Ceramic 20
Ceramic 30
Visible Light Transmission (%) 21 30
Visible Light Reflectance (%) 14 12
UV Light Rejection (%) 99 99
Infrared Rejection (%) 91 86
Total Solar Energy Rejection (%) 67 63

Safety & Security Films

The most vulnerable part of a building is its glazing and this vulnerability has contributed to personal injury and property damage associated with terrorism, natural disasters and freak accidents. Glass fragments will fly like deadly missiles in the event of such situations.

Window film series has been designed to greatly reduce these hazards. The tenacity of the films provides protection against injuries and property damage from uncertainties, improving the shatter resistance of glass and holding fragmented glass firmly in place.

Huper Optik Safety & Security Window films been stringently tested, meeting the tests standards of ANSI Z97.1 Impact Test, ASTM F1642-04 Standard Test Method for Glazing and Glazing System and US GSA Bomb Blast Mitigation Criteria. This is to test if the glazing material (glass, window film etc) can be used as a safety glazing. All the Huper Optik Glazing Systems have met the Medium Protection Level Facilities requirements of the GSA standards and come with 5 year product warranty.

Most safety and security films in the market are clear in nature and do not offer the necessary protection from the intense heat and light from the sun. Huper Optik safety and security films offer a significant advantage solution to such problems.

The Ceramic 50 Shield films have nano-ceramic sputtered and coated specially designed to provide not only the Safety & Security Function but also to reduce the unbearable heat gain in the interior, hence offering Significant Energy Conservation.


  • Reduce hazards of flying glass during breakage
  • Superior strength as compared to other conventional films
  • Long lasting with durable bonding adhesive
  • Scratch resistant hard coat
  • Extends lifespan of interior furnishings with fade protection
  • 5 years of product warranty coverage
Performance / Product
C50 4mil Select
C40 6mil Select
Visible Light Transmission (%) 52 38
Visible Light Reflectance (%) 12 11
UV Light Rejection (%) 99 99
Infrared Rejection (%) 85 88
Total Solar Energy Rejection (%) 47 58
Gauge 4 4
Peel Strength (Inch of Width) 3,200 3,200
Tensile Strength 29,000 PSI 29,000 PSI
Elongation at Break >100 >100

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