Huper Optik

What is Ceramics ?
Ceramics have a history almost as old as the human race. Today, its applications too have paralleled technological advances, with the material evolving from simple objects into high performance nano-composites and coatings.


Its thermal stability, durability, hardness and chemical inertness have led to a
widespread use in aero and astronautical engineering, high performance racing
car parts and bio-medical implants.
Early adopters like, NASA’s space shuttle, have led widespread use of ceramics heat shielding properties in astronautical engineering. Commercial jet turbine engines have been aeronautically incorporated with ceramics, operating more efficiently, giving the aircraft greater range and payload for a set amount of fuel.
F1 race cars incorporate the thermal shielding capabilities of ceramics to brakes, lightweight body panels, engine and exhaust manifolds, which allow punishing heat loads to be endured in the extreme performance of F1 racing.
In medicine, the field of bio-ceramics is seeing the benefits of the extreme durability, inertness and hardness of ceramic coatings to be incorporated in dentistry to orthopedics.
What is Nano-Ceramics ?
Nano-Ceramics are atomic-fine, equivalent to 0.000000001m, discrete optical coatings which are deposited through reactive plasma processes.The Hüper Optik® Nano-Ceramic coating is composed of electrically conductive transition metal oxy-nitride which has intrinsic solar selectivity originating from its unique molecular structure. Hüper Optik® Nano-Ceramic films are therefore able to reject more heat and are more durable than any other window films.


Exclusive Technology
Employing patented nano-deposition technology, multi layers of ceramic thin film are coated to form a high performance heat and glare barrier. Leading the nano-ceramic technology edge in window films, Hüper Optik® is the first in the world to introduce Multi-Layered Advanced Ceramic films.
Unparalleled Performance
Hüper Optik® Nano-Ceramic films are 100% dye-free and 100% metal-free. The super durable nano-ceramic coating spells the end of fading dyes and demetallisation woes. Nano-ceramics possess spectrally selective properties which maximize total heat rejection, superior to even metallised films.
Stylish Aesthetic
Hüper Optik®’s wide range of Nano-Ceramic neutral toned films offer a comfortable Visible Light Transmission (VLT) ranging from 5% to 70% without appearing shiny because of their low Visible Light Reflectance (VLR), meeting most vehicle and building regulatory requirements.
Warranty of Confidence
Hüper Optik® Nano-Ceramic films are stringently tested by independent testing laboratories for IR, UV and weatherability. The films also have a scratch-resistant hardcoat conforming to the ECE 43 abrasion test.